vogue-november | Miguel Viana
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Enchanted florest

The dream silhouettes of the season
transport us into a world of fantasy,
full of adventure, romance and mystery.


Hair: Miguel Viana with Wella Professionals products
Makeup: Crsitina Gomes
Model: Maria Clara – L’Agence
Photography: Frederico Martins
Photography assistant: Pedro Sá
Directed by: Ana Campos
Assistant: Sónia Mota



National team

Six new designers loaded with talent and energy
are the present and future of national fashion.


Hair: Miguel Viana with Wella Professionals products
Makeup: Cristina Gomes
Model: Kornelija Tocyonite – Woman Paris
Photography: Frederico Martins
Photo assistant: Pedro Sá, Hugo Fortuna and Diogo Oliveira
Directed by: Paulo Macedo
Assistant: Basak Savci
Production: Snowberry