vogue october | Miguel Viana
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vogue october

New wave

Bands and artists like Siauxsie and the Banshees, Bow Wwo Wow and Cindy Lauper marked a time when the almost anarchic mix of clothing defined styling and a well-crafted style. This fall, it is time to revive the trend and modernize the past.


Hair: Miguel Viana with Wella Professionals products
Makeup: Cristina Gomes
Make-up Assistant: Eunice Paixão
Model: Dariia Makarova and Daniela Hanganu / Central Models
Photography: Isabel Pinto
Photo assistants: Iuri Albarran and Pedro Janeiro
Directed by: Paulo Macedo
Assistants of realization: Rita Rosa

Hair: Miguel Viana with products Wella Professionals, assisted by Daniel Pereira
Make-up: Patrícia Lima, assisted by Raquel Ribeiro
Model: Maria Batista / Best Models
Photography: Frederico Martins
Photo assistant: Pedro Sá, Ângela Fernandes and Daniela Alves
Directed by: Ana Campos
Assistants of realization: Ana Barros and Joana Lopes
Retouching: Lalaland studios
Production: Helena Silva / Snowberry